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We love chicken lasagna and this recipe for it is one of our go-to comfort-food recipes. In a rich creamy alfredo-inspired sauce, tender chicken breasts are piled with vegetables, cheese, and lasagna noodles. Serve it with a green salad and garlic bread for a hearty comfort supper that’s suitable for any season of the year.
All those layers of deliciousness are what make lasagna such a child’s favorite. To that end, with its family-friendly flavors, this lasagne is sure to delight any crowd. Mid-week meals don’t get much better than this cheesy broccoli and chicken lasagne bake!
In the winter, especially, broccoli asks to be covered in a creamy cheese sauce! My kids love broccoli because it has a lot of flavors and is one of their favorite vegetables since it has a lot of flavors. With the addition of the thinly sliced chicken, they are in paradise. But what if your children are not fans of broccoli? You may use cauliflower in the same manner, or you can try a combination of peas and corn, which will taste delicious. When asparagus is in season, it’s also a great treat to make in the warmer weather.
• Chicken breast, I used approx. 700 grams thinly sliced.
• Fresh broccoli, I used 1 medium head with the thick stalks removed.
• Cheesy Lasagne Sauce, I used 2 jars.
• Lasagne sheets, you’ll need one packet.
• Olive oil, for greasing the dish.
• Grated Mozzarella cheese, if you want a crispy top, use a LOOOT like there is no tomorrow!!!
• Step 1 – To begin, I start the preparation by setting the temperature of my oven to 180 degrees.
• Step 2 – Secondly and over high heat, I cooked the chicken slices until golden brown in batches.
• Step 3 – After that, I prepared a baking dish by spraying some olive oil onto the bottom, and I used the Lasagne sheets to cover the bottom of the pan.
• Step 4 – Then, I topped them with half of the sauce, the cooked chicken, and the broccoli, and I repeat the same procedure one more time, you can add another layer if desired.
• Step 5 – For the top layer, I started with a layer of pasta, followed by chicken, broccoli, and a full jar of sauce, and finished with shredded mozzarella on top of the entire dish.
• Step 6 – At this point, I covered the dish with aluminum foil and baked for 20 minutes, then I removed the cover and bake for another 20 minutes, just until I had a browned cheesy top.
– It is important to use all of the small green pieces that come off the broccoli during the chopping process when adding it to the lasagne since they have a great deal of flavor and texture to contribute to the meal.
– Aside from that, make sure that all of the chicken pan juices wind up in the lasagne; they are essential in enhancing the depth of the chicken flavor.

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